Jan 22

Casa Las Columnas

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It was now time to get off the beaten path and find how some “real” people live. So after asking a few people, we headed across the Rio Rimac in search of some real barios.

The average person here makes 500 soles per month. Thats about $175USD. So we know, Miraflores is not the typical Peruvian lifestyle. We found our bario and got permission to go in and take some photos. The most interesting thing is that despite lacking what other would consider necessities, these people seem happy and are really fun to be around.

Built in the 1600’s Miss Theresa runs Casa Las Columnas for the homeless and needy. Fifty three families live here and the city wants to turn this place into a museum. Hopefully, she’ll get what she needs to continue her plight of helping people.

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