Nov 07


by in Colombia

Dancing in CartagenaCartagena is a beautiful city full of color and life. As one of the most exciting cities in the world, Cartagena has a lot going for it. Boca Grande is a peninsula very similar to Miami, full of hotels right on the beach. Clubs, shopping districts, and fine dinning everywhere. I stayed across the bay in a district called Manga. Since I sailed here via boat, I was staying in Club Natico which is a nice place all by itself. It’s really fun to meet other cruisers, find out where they are from, and share stories.

But what Cartagena is really know for is Centro Historico, or the Historical Center of town. Its the largest Colonial Zone in the New World, the upkeep of the city is second to none. At over 400 years old, the streets and buildings are so well preserved they look as though they were constructed yesterday.

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