Nov 09

Gaia Club Party

by in Dominican Republic

DJ Stan Courtois at Club GaiaStarting my day off right with the breakfast of champions…rice, beans and chicken! Then it was off to Playa Bonita on a moto concho for a day at the beach. I met and made some friends the night before, and was going out to Bahia de las Ballenas where they were staying. They had a beautiful villa, and Playa Bonita really is a beautiful beach. We walked down the beach and around the corner and swam with a view of Playa Coson in the background. Great people, and a wonderful day at the beach.

That night Punto Popy got rained out, so I waited until late to got to Gaia once again. I bounced back and forth between Gaia and Mosquito, another bar right across from Gaia but directly on the beach. Nacho was the DJ at Mosquito, and was playing Marvin Gaye, Barry White, and other great Motown classics. A totally different vibe and feel from Gaia. Personally, I love Motown and the vibe at Mosquito is my type of place. It’s a great place to hang and talk with friends, while listening to great classic music at the same time. Gaia, is more house, electronic, and go crazy type of fun. Either way, it’s hard to loose. There is also another club down the street. I forgot the name. But they play local music. Merengue, Salsa, Bachata. I spent time there too. They all have their own appeal to a different crowd. So basically, Las Terrenas has something for everyone.

Between 2:00am and 3:00am, most the other clubs closed down, but Gaia stays open to at least 4:00am. Yet again, the place was really off the hook tonight. DJ Giacomo was getting the crowd started when DJ Stan brought the house down and went till a little after 4:00am. Yes, there was dancing on the tables, yes there was girls dancing on poles, and yes, the bar was busy all night long. I stayed after most the people left, and helped close the club down. It’s 6:30am and it’s time for bed. Finally, the weekend was over, but the memories and people I’ve met, I’ll keep forever.

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