Dec 15

Ocean World

by in Dominican Republic

Ocean World in the Dominican Republic, is probably the most popular and best tourist attraction this country has to offer. Just North of Puerto Plata, Ocean World has Sea Lions, Dolphins, Birds, Tigers, Sting Rays, Sharks and more!

Arriving in the morning, we got there just in time for a the Bird Show. They have beautiful Macaws, Parrots, and Love Birds that do a great job at entertaining the guests. As soon as the Bird Show is over, the Sea Lion show begins.

Sea Lions have to be a favorite of everyone. They’re smart, cute, and funny as can be, both in and out of the water! Some of the skits they do are hilarious and they really get the crowd involved. Especially when the Sea Lions start splashing everyone in the front row.

Taking a break from the shows, we toured the grounds and went into the Bird Avery. The Avery is really quite cool. All the birds from the bird show are kept there, and you can see them up close and personal. If you are lucky enough, you even get to hold or pet a couple of them. They also had a few Toucans in their too. But holding or petting the Toucans is pretty damn hard. They got a big beak and like to use it. Take my word for it, I know!

Outside of the Avery is another aquarium with Piranas in them. If you’ve never seen piranas, you should. They are smaller than I imagined, but I still wasn’t fooled by their size. Probably not a good idea to hand feed these guys.

Next we checked out the Bengal Tigers! These cats are HUGE! Separated by some pretty thick plexiglass, you can swim in a pool right next to the Tigers. And if you are lucky enough to be there when the Tigers are active or swimming, it can be quite a show. They also feed the Tigers at regular intervals. And for a price, you can get your photo taken with a Tiger while you feed it through a small hole in the plexiglass.

Getting hot, it was a perfect time for a swim. So we headed over to the Coral Reef for a swim. There you can put on a mask and snorkel and swim around a coral reef with live fish everywhere. If you are afraid of the ocean, or have never experienced swimming with fish in their natural habitat. This is a definite MUST DO!

After cooling off a bit from our swim, we headed over to the shark enclosure for a close up Shark Encounter. It’s really pretty cool. They have a bunch of Nurse Sharks and let some of the audience get down in the water and actually hold and pet the sharks! It’s quite a good show. You learn about sharks, and laugh your ass off while the Shark Trainers take turns scaring the people in the water holding the sharks. They are harmless, but hearing that and believing that are two different things.

At the end of the day, we went to the Dolphin Encounter where we got a chance to hold, pet, and interact with some dolphins. It’s incredible how intelligent and powerful these animals are! Of course, you get a chance to get your photo taken with Dolphins too. We finished up the day watching the Dolphin perform. Probably the best show in Ocean World. I’ve heard they have the largest Dolphin enclosure in the Caribbean, and they need it too! With the Dolphins jumping, doing acrobatic trick, and giving their trainers rides, it’s the one show in Ocean World that cant be missed!


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