19. Jan, 2009

Arriving in Lima

Today we arrive in Lima, Peru. After customs and immigration, we were greeted by taxi drivers that wanted to charge 45 Soles to get to Miraflores. The exchange rate at the airport was 2.75 to the USD, that seemed a little steep to me. So before jumping into a taxi and making the trip to Miraflores, we headed across the street to a nice cafe where we met Juan who was extremely helpful.

Juan, besides being an employee, was probably one of the most courteous and nice guys I have ever met. He gave us access to FREE WiFi and told us how to catch the city bus, and where the local banks where. If first empressions mean anything. Juan did a great job. And Peru is looking really really nice so far.

We left the cafe and headed out of the airport to catch a city bus. Looking for the bus with a big “S” on it that will take us to Miraflores. 2 Soles and 45 minutes later, we were in Miraflores and in awe of the city.

We just saved 43 Soles (about $15 USD) and were in a city that was clean, quiet, very pretty, and from what we were used to, muy tranquillo.

We exchanged some money here for 2.85 and then had about 3 hours to kill before Mariano, our couchsurfer buddy arrived home.

Like two kids wondering around in a candy store, we just enjoyed the sites, sounds, and people of Miraflores, Peru. We found a small family reasurant on the street, and decided it was time to eat. The food was great and was more than enough to make you full. The most interesting thing about our meal was the drink. It was chicha morada, or purple corn juice! But I’ll tell you, it was the best corn juice, any color, that I have ever had. It was really good. Turns out that chicha morado is like the national beverage here. Since then, we’ve had it many times!

We finally met up with Mariano who’s a great guy, and a tour guide as well. After staying up till 2am, I think we finally had somewhat of a plan on what to do and see here in Lima for the next couple of days.