Nov 12

South America on a Budget

by in Ramblings

Although not set in stone, the idea is to travel and visit every country in South America. I’ve always loved Latin America, and going to Carnaval turned out to be a good excuse to visit other parts of South America other than just Brazil. Starting in Lima Peru, we have three weeks to make it to Rio de Janiero before Carnaval starts. We’ll traverse Peru, Bolivia, and Brazil, ending up in Rio by February 12, 2010. Carnaval is 7 days long, and we need a few days extra to play tourist and visit a couple sites. After that, time is no longer relevent.

Our rough plan is to head back to Paraguay and make that our base camp while making trips to Uruguay and Argentina. Eventually, we’ll leave Paraguay and head to Chile. From there, we will work our way back up to Bolivia, Ecuador, then Colombia. From Colombia we will head East through Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana. Then, depending on time, we might continue on through the North Coast of Brazil towards Fortaleza.

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