02. Feb, 2010

Jesse Rocks La Paz

Jesse Rocks La Paz

The outskirts of La Paz are a little on the sketchy side. I dont think I’d really want to be there. But, if you are rich or middle class, living in La Paz in awesome! Now being rich or middle class is all relative.

The currency in La Paz is the Boliviano, or the “B” for short. You get seven of them for every US dollar. Average income here is something like 1000 B’s per month, or $150USD. So your money here tends to go a very very long way. Staying at a hostel or getting a meal cost around 10 B’s. Public transportation will cost you 1 B.

Staying with two Canadians from Edmonton, we had lots of time to talk! There is no English spoken here. And Jesse, like me, doesn’t speak Spanish that well. So having a couple English people to talk to was like heaven!

Turns out we share some of the same interests in music. It also turns out that Jessie is a very competent musician and plays the banjo, guitar, and is learning the charango. A good portion of every day always revolved around sharing MP3’s, learning about each others musical interests, and listening to Jesse play the guitar.

Jesse writes most of his own music and plays by ear. I hope you enjoy his playing as much as I did. He screwed up a few times in the middle of the song, but blames that on the fact he just got done washing dishes and his fingers were soft. It doesn’t matter. Washing dishes or not, Jesse rocks in La Paz!

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